Foods your dog should never eat.

Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat

We often can’t resist giving our dog a little taste of our own food. It can be hard to not give in to our adorable pup …

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Why is my dog panting?

Why is My Dog Panting?

Dogs have many odd traits and habits that you often catch them doing. One thing your dog is doing that be causing you concern is panting. …

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does your dog hate the heat

Does Your Dog Hate the Heat?

Summer means more time outside playing with your dog in the warm weather! However, not all dogs love the heat. While it may feel nice to …

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Give Your Dog a Long Healthy Life

All dog owners love their dogs so much. We want them to be around us as often as they can be. We also want them to …

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reasons dogs chew

Reasons Dogs Chew

We’ve all had our four-legged friend chew up our favorite shoes or pillow. Chewing is just something dogs do! It can be frustrating for us, but …

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helping to fix pain in your dogs rear

Helping That Pain in Your Dog’s Rear

As dog owners, we should always be paying attention to our dogs for signs of illness. Some things are more obvious than others. One issue that …

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choosing vet for your dog

Tips for Choosing a Vet

Having a dog is a big responsibility. Not only do you have to make sure your dog is fed, exercised, and happy, but you also need …

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tips to a healthy fall dog coat

Tips to a Healthy Fall Coat

We all want our dogs’ coats to stay healthy and looking good. A dog’s coat is a very important part of keeping the rest of their …

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no paws on the bed

Yes or No to Paws on the Bed?

We all love our dogs, and sometimes we just can’t resist when they beg to come into bed with us. But is it actually safe or …

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schedule for your dog

Should My Dog Stick to a Schedule?

Just like us, our dogs thrive when they are in a routine. They like to know when their playtime, meals, and walks are going to be. …

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can dogs talk to each other

Can Dogs Talk to Each Other?

Have you ever been at a dog park or on a walk with your pup and wondered, “Can they communicate with others dogs?” Turns out dogs …

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sharing your bed with your dog improve sleep

Does Sharing Your Bed with Your Dog Improve Sleep?

Have you ever wondered if maybe you should be kicking your dog out of your bed at night? The common conception was that sharing your bed …

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