Tips and tricks for brushing your dogs coat.

Dog Brushing Tips & Tricks

Dogs can do a lot of the work for cleaning their coats on their own. However, there are a few aspects that they need your help …

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Tick Prevention and Protection for Your Dog

Ticks can really put a damper on summer fun. They are obviously not good for your dog and can spread disease, but they also can be …

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dog leash styles purposes

The Different Styles of Dog Leashes and Their Purposes

We walk our dogs every day, but the leash you use probably doesn’t even cross your mind. While leashes may seem like they are all the …

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communicating with your dog through energy

Communicating with Your Dog Through Energy

As humans, we usually communicate with words. We are intellectual creatures and for many of us, speaking words is easiest. However, dogs are not like this. …

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funny things puppies do

Funny Things Puppies Do

Dogs, especially puppies, can do some weird things. We are always shocked by our dog’s bizarre habits, but they can be even more strange when they …

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dog license montgomery county pa

Importance of Licensing Your Dog in Montgomery County, PA

When you have a dog, there are hundreds of things you have to do. From grooming to training, there can be so many things on your …

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benefits of walking your dog

Benefits of Walking Your Dog

We all love our dogs, but sometimes taking them out for a walk can seem like a chore. After a long day of work, we might …

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choosing rescue dog

Choosing the Right Shelter Dog for Your Family

Picking the right dog for your family can be a challenging task, especially when you’re adopting from a shelter. There are a lot of factors you …

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most popular dog names 2016

Most Popular Dog Names 2016

Picking a name for a new puppy can be hard. Every year certain dog names are more popular than others and new names rise to the …

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Our New Website

Welcome to our new website! Check it out and let us know you what think!

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