Tips and tricks for brushing your dogs coat.

Dog Brushing Tips & Tricks

Posted Aug 15, 2017 in News

Dogs can do a lot of the work for cleaning their coats on their own. However, there are a few aspects that they need your help with. Brushing regularly is helping for a variety of reasons, from their health to the cleanliness of your home. Not only does brushing keep your dog and home clean, but it also allows you to regularly inspect your dog’s coat and check for any issues. You can easily find ticks or lumps and inform your vet quickly. You know how important grooming is, but do you know how to do it the best and most efficiently? Here are some tips and tricks for brushing your dog’s coat and keeping them healthy!

Basics for Brushes

The first thing you need to take into account when thinking about your dog’s grooming needs is their breed. 

  • If your dog is a long haired breed (Collies, Shih Tzus, Yorkshire Terriers), weekly brushing is necessary. Their coat can get tangled easily since the hair is longer. As for the type of brush, a pin brush is your best choice. This type removes loose hairs and can get down to the skin. You can also use a comb to get out any mats in the coat. 
  • If you have a short-coated dog (Labrador Retrievers, Greyhounds), brushing doesn’t need to be done as much. A good amount to brush is every 2-3 weeks to remove any loose hair. The best type of brush for these breeds is a rubber brush, which easily removes dirt and loose hair. You can also use a stiff natural brush. Once you get the dirt and loose hair removed, you can follow with a soft brush to distribute the natural oils throughout the coat. 
  • Most terriers and Dachshunds, and other short, wiry breeds need two different brushes. One slicker brush is needed to start, then use a metal comb after to get any build up out of the coat. You should also have a vet or groomer show you how to use a stripping knife for their undercoat. This is necessary to remove dead hair from their coat. 

Tips for Great Grooming

Start by brushing down and away from your dog’s skin. The main key here is to brush in the direction that the coat grows. It is not comfortable for dog’s to go against this growth. 

The key to keeping your dog happy is to be gentle. You also don’t want to damage or pull any hairs. As you brush, if you see a tangle, don’t just try to aggressively brush it out. Carefully take a comb to untangle that area, then continue brushing. 

Mats can be painful for your dog and difficult to remove. When you see a mat, take a coat conditioner or mat spray and let it sit. After the conditioner sets, use a wide toothed comb to untangle. Be very careful since it can be close to the skin and can hurt your pup. If it is too hard to untangle, you can try to cut out the mat with scissors, but this can be dangerous. If you really can’t get it out, head to a groomer for help

Time for the Groomers…

It’s great if you can groom your dog yourself and save some money. But it is totally okay to just go to a groomer! Groomers are extremely skilled in this field and know exactly what to do for your dog. If your dog has an easily matted coat or does not enjoy grooming, then head to the pros. Groomers know how to keep your dog calm and sit still through grooming.

Brushing and grooming is an extremely important aspect of your dog’s health. It can be a great way to bond, especially if you have the right tools and skills. But don’t be afraid to get help from the professionals! Good luck!

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