fun ways to be active inside with your dog

Fun Ways to be Active Inside

Posted Mar 24, 2017 in Tips

As dog owners, we all know that it is extremely important to keep our dogs active. If we had perfect schedules and lived in perfect worlds, our dogs would always get the outdoor, fun activity they need. However, sometimes due to weather or just our busy lives, going for a nice, long walk is just not going to happen. Luckily, there are so many activities you can do with your dog without even leaving the house! Whether you’ve got too much going on to go outside or it is just a rainy day, here are some ways to keep your dog exercising inside. 


If you have a treadmill that you use yourself, it could also be a great option for your dog’s exercise. Treadmills basically give your dog all the benefits of a walk without forcing you to leave the house! You should make sure your dog starts out slow and learns how to properly walk. Your dog may even get the hang of it, love it, and wait patiently for you to turn it on for them! Remember, the treadmill is a good alternative for a short period or one time, but shouldn’t replace your walks altogether. 


Mental Exercise

You can work on things other than physical exercise. You should also be exercising their minds! One way to do this is working on basic training commands, which also doesn’t require much space! When you challenge your dog mentally, it forces them to focus, which is extremely draining for them.This will give you the benefits of taking them for a long, tiring walk. Practice a variety of commands and make sure you reward your pup with their favorite treats when they are behaving properly. 


Another way to work your dog’s mind and keep them entertained inside is with challenging toys and games. There are a variety of toys made to improve your pup’s cognitive functions. They will reward your dog with a treat or something similar so they feel motivated to keep working at the puzzle. Ask your vet or pet store what games are right for your dog! 


Stairs are an amazing source of entertainment for your dog and also an awesome work out. Grab a buddy and stand at opposite ends of the stairway. Call back and forth and reward your dog each time. They will learn that they go up and down to be rewarded! Check with your vet to make sure your dog is physically capable of running up and down. Make sure you don’t get your dog overly excited or else they could injury themselves. 

Hide and Seek 

No matter how you play hide and seek, your dog is bound to enjoy it. One way is to hide treats throughout the house and have your pup sniff their way to the rewards. You can also hide people and your dog can run around trying to find you and the other members of your family. Be sure to indicate when the game is over so your dog is not playing without your permission. 


If you love yoga yourself, a great indoor activity to try with your dog is doga! You can look up videos or check out a studio that offers this fun activity. Your dog will learn balance and other training, and you can relax and meditate! 


No matter what your schedule or the weather, there are no excuses for not keeping your dog active! Try one of these ideas with them and let us know if your dog loved it! 

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