New Years party for dogs.

New Year’s Party for Dogs

Posted Dec 27, 2017 in Fun Dog Stuff

Spending New Year’s Eve with your dog is never not a good idea. They stress of spending the night out on the town can be overwhelming, but you can always count on your dog for a good time. If you have other friends who have dogs and the same idea, throw a doggie New Year’s Eve party! There are plenty of activities that you, your company, and all the dogs can do to enjoy ringing in 2018. 

Training Activities 

The new year is the perfect time to work on training techniques. Spend some time teaching your dog some new and fun tricks that will impressive your guests. With the distractions of other dogs and people, your pup will have to work extra hard to focus on their tricks. You can make this even more fun by making it a competition between your dogs. See who can do the most tricks and even have a prize.  

Agility Course and Games

Another way to pass the time and get your dogs playing is to set up an agility course. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or professional, but you can set up a tunnel or agility polls in a less used hallway. If you have enough room in a basement or spare bedroom, you can set up a variety of items for the dogs to play with. If this sounds a little too complicated for you or you don’t have the space, you can always do some old-fashioned games as well. Whether you play fetch, hide and seek, or tug of war, there are plenty of games you can play inside without having to spend the big bucks or even buy anything at all. You can make this part a competition as well. If you have puzzle food toys, see which dog can get to their treat first! 

Create a Dog Calendar 

Ring in 2018 by having a calendar for the full year filled with your dogs’ beautiful faces. Give each dog/owner a different theme and set up a space to shoot some photos for each month. Get creative with what your dog is wearing or any props. You’ll have a blast taking photos of all the dogs and your friends. After the party, put together the calendar and make it as elaborate as you want. You can print this and give it your friends or use the images throughout the year as your computer background! Whatever you do, just be sure to share with your friends, since we’re sure they’ll love to see their dogs too. 

Bake Some Treats

No party would be complete without plenty of food for everyone. While you can buy treats, you can also make it part of your night to try baking some treats on your own! Find out what types of treats your guests’ dogs like and start baking! Get creative and make a special New Year’s treat, or just make whatever treat is your dog’s favorite. You can also ask all your guests to make and bring treats over to share! Your pup will love getting to try something new. 

No matter what you do, your guests and their dogs are bound to have a great time. Have a safe and happy New Year’s! 

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