Reasons to foster a dog.

Reasons to Foster a Dog

Posted Oct 12, 2017 in Fun Dog Stuff

Fostering a dog can really change their life forever. The idea behind fostering is to give this pup time to prepare for the home and family that they will eventually be with forever. When you foster a pet, you get to take them out of a shelter and show them experiences outside this atmosphere. You’ll play with the dog, take them on hikes, and allow them to interact with humans or other dogs. You’ll make more of an impact than you’ll expect! Here are some reasons why fostering could be a great option for you!

Increasing Chances of Adoption

When you foster a dog, you start to teach them some basic skills, just from general interaction. They will start to learn how to be a more calm pet and will learn some basic house manners, which appeals to future adopters. The pup will be more likely to get adopted and to find their forever family! 

Help Your Own Pet

When you have a foster animal in your home, your own pet will benefit too! Your pet will have to adjust to living with another animal and will start to improve their social skills with others. They’ll learn how to play and handle the stress of another animal, which will help their overall behavior and temperament. 

Test the Waters

If you’re considering bringing another pet into your home, a foster pet is a good way to test it out. You can see if your current dog can handle it, but also if you and your family can handle it. Since fostering is just temporary, you don’t have to fully commit to having a new pet and can figure out if it’s right for you.

Low Maintenance 

If you already have a dog, adding one more to the mix is relatively easy to do. Take them on the same walks and potty trips, do the same activities, etc. You won’t have to make a dramatic change to your lifestyle to foster a dog, but you’ll be dramatically changing their life. You also don’t have to have too much space to foster another dog. If you have a spare bedroom or office, they will already be much happier than they are in a cage at a shelter. 

Giving Them a Home

While the work that shelters do is great, they can be hard for dogs to live in. They can be isolated and often not get enough exercise. Bringing a dog into your home gives them the space, attention, and love that they deserve. They’ll be less stressed and have an overall better life while they are in your home! 


Fostering has so many benefits, but most importantly, you’re caring for an animal and giving it the love they need. Contact your local shelter and considering fostering today! 


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