roadtrip checklist for your dog

Road Trip Checklist for Your Dog

Posted Aug 26, 2016 in Tips

Going on a road trip with your dog can be a fun and exciting experience. However, it’s important to not forget the important items your furry friend needs. Here’s our checklist of all the necessities to keep you and your pup happy and have a safe trip!

Collar and Leash

When your dog is let out of the car after being in there for a long time, they’re most likely going to be eager to run around. Make sure you have a leash and collar handy for stops along the way so they don’t get lost.


In case your pup does manage to lose you, tags are extremely important. You should keep your cell phone number on the tag since that will probably be the phone you have when traveling.

First-Aid Kit

Accidents happen and you always want to be prepared. Look into purchasing a doggie first aid kit or create your own. Be sure to include tweezers, styptic powder, eyewash, gauze bandages, adhesive tape, scissors and antiseptic moist wipes.

Food and Water

Try to bring familiar foods for your dog so their body is not shocked by something new. Bring water from your hometown since that is what your dog is used to. Bring as much as you can in a jug and also bring extra bottled water.

Bed and Blankets

Be sure to bring your dog’s favorite bed or crate, whichever they sleep in at home, to sleep on while on the trip. This will ensure they are comfortable and get a good sleep. Blankets are also good for protecting your car’s seat and interior.


Some states require dogs to have seatbelts, so be sure to research what type of restraint is best for your dog size and type.
You can also bring some fun toys to keep your pup happy in the car. Follow these tips and you should have a successful road trip, wherever your destination may be!roadtrip checklist for your dog

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