tips to a healthy fall dog coat

Tips to a Healthy Fall Coat

Posted Nov 11, 2016 in Care

We all want our dogs’ coats to stay healthy and looking good. A dog’s coat is a very important part of keeping the rest of their health in good shape. The fall can often cause our pup’s furry coat to experience some changes. We have some tips to help you develop the right grooming plan for your dog and how to keep their coat healthy.

Who Should Groom My Dog?

There are a few options for how to go about grooming your dog.

  • Private pet groomers
  • Your veterinarian
  • Local pet store
  • Reputable groomer
  • Yourself!

What Should a Healthy Coat Look Like?

A few of the traits of a healthy coat are…

  • Soft and relatively smooth
  • Shiny but not greasy
  • No strong odor

An unhealthy coat will be dry, brittle, greasy, or dusty, and also possibly have lots of hair loss and bald spots.

How Do I Brush?

Brushing your furry friend’s coat is a very important part to keeping it healthy. You can choose your brush based on what type of dog you have, but in general you should have two brushes. The brush for the outer layer should have wide teeth. The other should be a finer-spaced brush for use around their face.

How Much Should They Bathe?

The smell that comes to mind when you think of a smelly dog is mostly just caused by a build up of bacteria. You should bathe your dog to get rid of this smell. However, do not bathe them too much because this can make their coat and skin dry. The appropriate amount to bathe your dog is about once a month. When you do wash them, make sure you use a shampoo made for dogs. The shampoo needs to be gentle so it doesn’t hurt them, but also intense enough to get out the grime.

What Should They Eat?

Nutrition and what your dog eats is one of the most important aspects of keeping their coat healthy. Foods that are rich in essential fatty acids are best to keep your pup’s coat looking the best.

Follow these simple tips and your dog’s coat should be looking shiny and perfect! Happy grooming!

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