fun tricks to train your dog

4 Fun Tricks To Train Your Dog

Posted Jul 9, 2016 in Tips

Have you ever wanted to teach your dog how to do fun and impressive tricks? Well we’ve got you covered! Tricks can be a fun way to show off your dog and have fun with them. Here are 4 of our favorite tricks to teach your pup!

Shake Hands

Shaking hands is one the cutest and most common dog tricks out there!

  • For this you’ll just need a clicker and small treats.
  • Start with a closed handful of treats and extend it towards your dog. Since they cannot grab them, they will paw at your hand. Once they do this, click your clicker and reward them with treats.
  • Repeat this until they understand to paw your hand. Then switch to an empty, palm up hand. Reward and click when they paw your hand.
  • Finally, add a verbal command such as “paw” or “shake” to the motion!


We love showing affection to our dogs, so why not teaching them how to kiss back!

  • First you’ll need to get something sticky (a post-it or tape), a clicker, and treats!
  • To start, put the sticky object on your hand and hold in near your dog’s face until they touch it with their nose or mouth. Then click your clicker and give them a treat.
  • Repeat this, moving the tape or sticky note further away from them and waiting to give them a treat until they move their face forward to reach you.
  • Then you can add in the command “Kiss!” or any other word you’d like.
  • Finally put the sticky note on your cheek, say your command, and there you have it! Your dog can kiss you on the cheek!

Roll Over

While this may seem like a hard trick, it’s super simple! It just takes repetition.

  • All you’ll need for this trick are some small, quick to eat treats.
  • Start by holding the treat on your dogs nose and bring them into a down position. Then give them the treat.
  • Next to get them to roll over, place the treat on their nose and lift their head up, causing them to shift their weight on their side. Give the second treat.
  • With a third treat, lure their head to other side causing them to completely roll over. Place the treat far away from them so that they have to roll all the over to get it.


Spin is an adorable twirl that is definitely a staple dog trick!

  • You’ll need small treats and a clicker for this treat. Start by holding a treat in your hand and moving your hand in a circle, causing your dog to follow and spin in a circle. Make sure you spin the same direction! Reward and click after they spin around.
  • After they’ve got that down, move the treats to your other hand, using an empty hand to signal them in a circle. Keep rewarding them!
  • Then you can change your signal from the fist to something else, like a pointed finger. After they’ve mastered that, you can add in a verbal command like “spin” or something fun!

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