Calming Music for Dogs 2020

Calming Music for Dogs 2020

Posted Aug 31, 2020 in Fun Dog Stuff

Anything that has the ability to hear can pick up on a specific range of frequencies; our dogs included – they just hear a different level of frequencies than we do. A frequency is the measurement of vibration, and everything that moves periodically gives off a vibration. Music, for example, is something that consists of vibrations, and it can actually help change the vibration rate of a stressed or anxious pup or person. 

Why You Should Know This As a Pet Parent

In a study done by Mills Salonen in Finland, they assessed 13,715 dogs and found that roughly 70% of them showed symptoms for anxiety at one point or another. Whether your pooch has chronic anxiety or only gets anxious when it’s storming, it’s still relevant as a pet parent to know helpful ways you can calm them down and ease there stress. 

What We Know About Fido’s Relationship with Music 

Our furry friends can actually have a preferred genre of music too! According to a study done by Deborah Wells, dogs were able to differentiate between heavy metal, rap, and classical music. In this same study, it was also found that classical music tended to be the most calming for animals.

Through different experiments and studies, there have even been people and companies who have created music specifically made for our canine’s ears. iCalmPet is one of these said companies that use animal anxiety technology to create calming music for your canine’s ears. There are also plenty of songs and playlists you can find on YouTube and Spotify.

When we help improve our furry friend’s lives, it can also help improve our own. When living with other people or pets, there attitudes and feelings tend to resonate with and influence us. This means a more relaxed pup can help equal a more relaxed living environment or everyone.  

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