Do dogs have friends?

Do Dogs Have Friends?

Posted Jul 11, 2018 in Fun Dog Stuff

If you are already a pup parent and you bring a new canine member home, you may worry your other dog may not approve. Or when you go on “puppy playdates” you could wonder if they remember each other, or even like each other. Your dog being social is a HUGE part of their mental development and can prevent them from turning into a disagreeable aggressive dog. 

Do Most Dogs Have Doggie Best Friends?

It is extremely common for a happy healthy dog to have companions that they recognize and get excited to see. It can become obvious in their body language; their ears may go forward or they may form a relaxed facial expression with soft eyes. Dog’s will actually form bonds with other four-legged friends that they will even prefer to be around and play with. To strengthen this theory even further, it has been shown that dogs in a natural environment develop a pack mentality where they protect and bond with those in their circle. 

The Benefits Of Your Dog Having Friends

Having other canine companions that your pup enjoys being around is great for their mental health. It reduces stress and provides a feeling of comfort and safety. There have also been multiple observations that when a dog has a preferred companion they are less irritable and aggressive towards other dogs. You may even have noticed your furry-friend has a specific way of playing and expressing their enjoyment, and they tend to find and bond with other dogs that play in the same manner they do. 

Does My Dog Have Best Friends?

It is usually plain to see when your pooch is enjoying the company of another. They prefer to stay in close proximity to one another. Sometimes they’ll even ignore the presence of other dogs because they are so infatuated with their furry friend. Your dog may even show signs of generosity to their BFFs by sharing toys, water bowls, and even treats!

Having a beloved companion is extremely healthy for your pup, and you should encourage that kind of friendly behavior. But don’t be fooled, your dog’s BFF doesn’t always have to be another canine. There are plenty of dog’s who bond with cats, rabbits, there’s even a dog who has bonded with an Elephant! But dont look too hard because, in fact, you could even be your dog’s best friend!

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