Symptoms Of Heat Exhaustion

Symptoms Of Heat Exhaustion

Posted Jul 29, 2021 in Health & Safety

Summer means vacation, relaxation, and fun in the sun. But be careful, high temperatures can put your dog in danger of heat exhaustion. Make sure to keep your dog safe and cool this summer to prevent heat exhaustion.

What Is Heat Exhaustion?

Heat exhaustion occurs when your pet’s body temperature rises above a healthy range and they are unable to regulate their own body heat. This condition can be anywhere from mild (treatment at home) to severe heat stroke (can lose consciousness). Since dogs pant rather than sweat, they are more sensitive to heat than humans are. However, heat exhaustion is preventable.

Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion

  1. Excessive panting or difficulty breathing
  2. Dehydration – signs include dry nose, visible tiredness, and sunken eyes
  3. Excessive drooling
  4. Fever
  5. Bright red, gray, purple, or bluish gums
  6. Lack of urine
  7. Rapid pulse
  8. Muscle tremors
  9. Lethargy or weakness
  10. Vomiting or diarrhea
  11. Dizziness

These symptoms are most common and easily detected, however they are not the only ones. If your dog is acting sick, tired, or any sort of abnormal don’t ignore it.

How to Treat Heat Exhaustion

  1. Take your dog to a cooler area immediately
  2. Lower their body temperature by wetting them with COOL water
  3. Apply more cool water around their ears and paws
  4. Put them in front of a fan to dry off
  5. Provide them with small amounts or lukewarm or cool water to drink
  6. Call your vet. Even though they are recovering, they may need to be monitored for possible complications

If your dog loses consciousness or seems severely ill, get them to a vet immediately. 

Make sure to keep a good eye on your dog during the summer. Make sure to call your vet with any questions or concerns.

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