Matching Owner and Dog Halloween Costumes

Posted Oct 19, 2022 in Seasonal

Nothing’s better than matching with your best (furry) friend! Halloween is not only fun for humans but dogs too! They enjoy getting out with you and meeting lots of new faces. We gathered our favorite group costumes for Halloween, including Fido, in the spooky fun! Including the inspo photo, we also linked alternative options to swap around characters. All of these costumes can be found on Amazon or Petco!

Super Family

The neighborhood will be safe this Halloween with a super family on the block! A superhero squad is a classic group costume, but adding super pets makes it iconic! There are also matching superhero leashes on Amazon to match their outfit!

Dog Superman Costume

Captain America Dog

Dog Robin

Wizard of Oz

Take a nice trip down the yellow brick road with this adorable matching costume; no matter how many group members you have, there’s a costume for everyone! Make sure to be cautious of tornados or falling houses while you’re in Oz!

Doggy Dorothy

Wicked Dog of the West

Dog Tin Man

Legally Blonde

Oh, snap! Grab all the pink you can get and rock the legal jargon as much as possible! Keep Fido and you looking fabulous with an iconic Elle Woods moment!

Dog Elle Woods

Doggy Lawyer

UPS Dog 

Alice in Wonderland

If you have a large group, Alice in Wonderland theme is perfect! This movie has many infamous characters for your gang or multiple dogs to dress as, spanning from the rabbit to the Cheshire cat. 

Dog Alice 

TweedleDee or TweedleDog

Caterpillar pup

Surfer & Shark

Shark attack! If you’re looking for an easy dog and owner costume, DIY or purchase a dog shark fin, grab a swimsuit, and voila, the costume contest is ready! 

Doggy Surfer

Shark Dog

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