The Best Doggy ID Tags of 2022

The Best Doggy ID Tags of 2022

Posted Feb 14, 2022 in Dog-Friendly Items

When you get a new puppy, there are a few simple necessities you will have to add to your list of purchases. Some of those things include a collar, leash, and a dog ID tag. No one expects accidents to happen, but having a dog ID tag can help when they do occur. Even if microchipped, your dog is easily identifiable with a dog ID tag as they typically include a name and phone number. These tags come in all shapes and sizes, so it can be difficult to find the right tag to match your new furry friend’s personality. 

Here are some of our top picks for ID tags for your spunky puppy. 

Stainless Steel Tag

Try out this ID tag if your new fido is a bit more classic. It is stainless steel and can be personalized to include your dog’s name and an address, family name, and phone number. The tags come in two sizes and appear in a fun badge shape. This ID tag is laser engraved, meaning that this precious information will not go away even after years of wear and tear.

Price: $7.95

Shaped ID Tag

These personalized tags are fun and spunky, coming in various shapes to match your furry friend’s personality. Shape options include a bone, circle, star, heart, fire hydrant, paw, and cat face. The tag has room for up to 4 lines of text on each side so you can fit all the important information on it. The tags are engraved and manufactured in the US on aircraft-grade aluminum to remain durable and intact. 

Price: $3.94

Personalized Tags

These tags are handmade and come in a variety of shapes and materials. You can choose materials from aluminum to 14k gold and shapes from bones to your state. You can add a name and phone number, and even photos on this tag. The order comes with a ring attachment so that you can add the ID wherever you need it. 

Price: $12.95+

Silicone Tag

This silicone ID is nice and quiet if you have a dog that is a busy bee. The tags have a double-sided design featuring a cute mountain for those pups that are adventurers. The colors included are pink and blue, perfect for all dogs, and are sure to have a stylish impact. You can include a name and address on these tags, and they are scratch-resistant. 

Price: $29.95

Personalized Collar

This collar is a form of identification with a twist. These collars come with personalization and are reflective from up to a half-mile away. The collar comes in several measurements to fit your dog, no matter their size. The price includes a pet’s name and phone number for quick identification. 

Price: $29.95

Bluetooth Tag

Pawscout tags feature a network of pet owners to help other dogs and your own. The tag comes with an app to connect with others and keep tabs on your own furry friend. With the app, you can send lost and fount alerts, track walks, set outdoor virtual leashes, store medical profiles, and track your pet short-range. This ID tag is relatively affordable, considering all the cool features you can access.

Price: $14.99

ID tags are important to ensure your dog’s safety, even if you think your dog is cautious. No matter the style and personality of your dog, there is sure to be a match in this list. 

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