Why Dogs Love Socks

Why Dogs Love Socks

Posted Mar 11, 2021 in Fun Dog Stuff

Like many other pet parents out there, you might find that you have a sock thief in your house. Sometimes our canine companions are like collectors of fine art if that fine art happens to be your socks – which might actually be how Fido views them. But you might be wondering, “but why socks?” Well, we’re here to help solve that mystery for you! 

It Feels Good to Chew on Them

Fido isn’t chewing or stealing your socks because they taste good but because it feels good for them when they do. For puppies, this is usually just part of the teething process. For adult dogs, though, the action of chewing can provide them with comfort – similar to how athletes like to chew on gum to calm their nerves. Chewing can provide your pooch with stimulation and anxiety relief. Plus, it helps keep their teeth clean and their jaws and mouth healthy and strong.

Doggy Boredom

Our canine companions are curious by nature. They love to be stimulated, which is why they usually enjoy playing with kids, taking long walks with you, and breaking in some new toys with you. However, if your pooch is not being properly stimulated, it can lead to bad behaviors like overeating or chewing on anything they can get their paws on. So, when Fido is stealing your socks, this might be their way of trying to entertain and distract themselves. You want to be sure that you’re not accidentally rewarding this kind of behavior by playing tug-of-war over your sock or chasing them around the house.

Because Fido Loves You

While it might seem gross, your pooch would probably prefer a dirty used sock over a clean one. This is usually because after we’ve worn a sock all day, we get our scent all over it and our pups tend to find comfort in the familiar scent of their owner. Especially if you’re gone, and your pooch is experiencing separation anxiety due to your absence, a sock that smells like you can help ease their stress. If you think this might be the case, then consider giving your canine companion some extra snuggles so that you can remind them just how loved they are.

You’re Not Picking Up After Yourself

If you tend to leave a lot of your things lying around within paw’s reach, then Fido isn’t really to blame here. Your furry friend has no way of knowing what should and shouldn’t be chewed on. Especially if you have things lying on the floor like their other toys, it can be hard for them to tell the difference. Keeping your socks off the floor and out of reach will help your pooch distinguish between what is and isn’t fair game for them to chew on.

There are various reasons our canines love our socks, but the bottom line is your pooch can’t get to your socks if you keep them out of their reach.

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