Benefits of Owning a Dog

Posted Feb 21, 2023 in Guides

Our furry friends are overfilled with companionship and live to provide us entertainment, but do dogs provide any actual health benefits for humans? The answer is yes; without considering the cuteness factor, pets provide an abundance of happiness and youthfulness! Thousands of studies have proven that canines provide their owners with varying physical and emotional health benefits because of their calming presence and loving bond with their humans. Keep reading for four ways owning a dog can improve your health and well-being!


Becoming a pet parent is realizing you’ll never have alone time again. Dogs love to be right by our side and experience the same things we do! Having a furry friend with you at all times is proven by an Australian study to reduce loneliness and social isolation. Also, it was discovered in a survey of pet parents and non-pet owners from the Human Animal Bond Research Institute that over 85% of participants agreed that pet interaction reduces loneliness. 

Heart Health

Physically, dogs can provide many different types of health benefits as well. It was proven in a 69-year-long study that pet owners experience lower blood pressure and stress levels, the two major contributors to heart episodes. The conclusion explains that dog owners ultimately live longer because having a furry companion decreased stress levels leading to healthier, happier lives. 

Anxiety/Crisis Coping

Furthermore, along with heart health, lowered stress levels contribute to lessened anxiety. While emotional support dogs solely help with emotional health and anxiety, all dogs can ultimately provide some of the same effects, even without training! Petting Fido next to you on the couch is clinically proven to lower blood pressure, heart rate, slow breathing, and relax muscle tension. Moreover, Purdue University proved the emotional health benefits of dogs by placing military veterans with service dogs. The results showed significantly fewer PTSD symptoms and increased coping skills for the Veterans with service dogs. 

Physical Activity

Lastly, and most common, is the physical health benefits of dog ownership. Dogs encourage us to spend time outside, increase endorphin levels, and meet our daily physical activity guidelines. A 2019 study found that dog parents spend over 300 minutes exercising weekly with their pets, while non-pet owners only spend about 100 minutes walking. Those neighborhood walks start adding up! Staying physically healthy is one of the most important aspects of adulthood; adding a pet to the routine will keep you physically active and happier!

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