benefits of walking your dog

Benefits of Walking Your Dog

Posted Dec 2, 2016 in Health & Safety

We all love our dogs, but sometimes taking them out for a walk can seem like a chore. After a long day of work, we might be tired or feel like we have too many things to do, letting our dog’s walk get left behind. But dog walking is more important than you think. Taking your dog on their daily walk does more than just get them their exercise. Here are a few benefits of walking your dog that will motivate you to always take the time to get out and walk with your best friend!

Health Reasons

Obviously we all know getting exercise is good for our pup. Not only does it keep your dog from gaining weight (which can cause many more problems), but it also keeps your dog active and well behaved. Depending on your dog’s age and breed, they may need more hours of playtime. If your pet if getting all the exercise they need, you won’t have to worry about them having any weight gain or other avoidable problems. 


Take every walk as a chance to teach your dog something new. You can practice basic commands and work on teaching them how walking on a leash works. Consider bringing some treats as reward for success. This will hopefully make walks more rewarding and worthwhile for you and your dog.


Every time your dog goes on a walk in a park or around your neighborhood, they are bound to see at least one other dog. This is great opportunity for your pup to get to known other dogs. They can build confidence and learn how to interact with other animals. It is also good way to figure out if your dog is anxious around other animals. If so, you may want to put them in training class. 


Your furry friend is like a new born. They want to explore the word and want to smell, see, and hear everything around them. Let them get this experience by taking them to new places. Switch up your walking route or try out a new park. If you’re pup is in the same place for too long, they could get bored. 

There are always new walking trails to try. Check out this link, which shows all the parks and trails in Montgomery County. Keep taking those walks because a well exercised dog is a happy dog! 


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