Best Calming Dog Beds 2021

Best Calming Dog Beds 2021

Posted Jan 4, 2022 in Guides

Calming dog beds are all the rage as many dogs suffer from anxiety from separation, storms, or visitors and need to be soothed. 

Most of these special dog beds are similarly designed as there are certain features that are universally calming. Some key design characteristics are plushness, softness, and a circle shape which are all created to help calm and comfort your dog as it sleeps. The plushness is made to cradle your dog, the circle shape hugs them on all sides, and the soft furriness might remind them of their mom. These aspects of calming beds all cater to a dog’s senses and remind and comfort them as they nap, cuddle, or need to be soothed.

These beds can be great for dogs that are feeling anxious as their owners may head back to work or need to be cozied up as they nap. No matter the reason, there is a bed that is made perfect for your dog and their needs.

Best Friends by Sheri Original Dog Calming Bed

The Best Friends by Sheri Original Dog Calming Bed is designed with tall edges so that your dog can nestle inside to be surrounded by plushness on all sides. The raised rim also creates great head and neck support while the softness offers joints and muscle relief. The furriness is warm and comforting, similar to that of a mother dog, providing the ultimate comfort. It is relatively affordable and comes in many colors to blend into your cozy home aesthetic. 

MFOX Calming Dog Bed

The MFOX Calming Dog Bed is more affordable than other calming dog beds and comes in many sizes and colors. This means that you can have the right fit for yourself and your dog at the right cost. It is machine washable to adapt to your lifestyle and potential messy dog habits. It also comes in a circular shape to ease anxiety and allow your dog to curl up and rest easily.

Active Pets Plush Donut Bed

The Active Pets Plush Donut Bed is more lightweight and durable than other calming dog beds typically are which is great for transportation and travel. The bed has a non-slip base for dogs that are active and rambunctious sleepers. It also comes in the classic circular shape to allow for burrowing and support your dog’s body as they sleep. The bed features shaggy fur to allow for a fuzzy nesting experience. 

OXS Calming Dog Bed

With a removable blanket, the OXS Calming Dog Bed is a favorite for dogs that love to cuddle and snuggle while they sleep. The cotton it is stuffed with makes the bed more breathable for dogs that can become warm while they rest. It is machine washable to avoid dirt and provide a comfortable sleep for your dog. This bed also comes in a variety of colors and sizes but is on the more expensive side of calming dog beds.

Beauty HB Calming Bed

The Beauty HB Calming Bed comes in many different pleasing colors and patterns as well as different sizes to best fit your furry friend. It has an anti-skid sole that is set under the bed to stay put on all types of flooring while also being waterproof, moisture resistant, and wear-resistant. The high-quality materials are great for biters and chewers as they are resistant to these tactics and are non-toxic. 

This guide is a great start to finding the right fit for your dog’s calming bed experience. No matter the characteristics you need in a bed, this list has many options for different dogs, needs, and aesthetics. 

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