Does My Dog Need Snow Boots?

Posted Jan 12, 2022 in Dog-Friendly Items

While dog boots might look hilarious, especially on a dog who’s not used to wearing them, they do help your pup stay safe and healthy during harsh winter weather. Read on to better understand doggy snow boots and how they can benefit fido.

What Are Dog Boots?

Dog’s paws are naturally designed to handle walking on rough surfaces in various environments. However, they’re not super dogs and are still limited when it comes to extreme weather and temperatures. This is where dog boots come in to save the day. Dog boots are made with tough fabric and rubber covers that help protect your pup’s paws from ice, snow, and rugged terrain that could otherwise cause injury. Dog boots are also extremely popular in dog sled racing.

When you purchase doggy boots, there should be three main components: the sole, the uppers, and the sock liner. One of the most popular fabrics you’ll find for dog boots is a breathable mesh fabric for the lining. Additionally, any reliable pair of dog boots should include grip pads on the bottom of the boots.

What Are the Benefits of Dog Boots?

There are numerous benefits to dog boots. They work to keep fido’s footpad dry and help to create an insulating layer around them. With dry foot pads, your pooch will be able to tolerate the cold weather much more comfortably. Dog boots can also help protect your furry friend’s paws from getting irritated due to deicer chemicals (which is why we recommend dog-safe ice melts), rock salt, and just the cold snow in general. Additionally, if you have hardwood floors you’re trying to protect, dog boots can also help with that. 

Doggy boots aren’t solely just for winter either. While these boots are most commonly used in the winter, they can also be used to protect your furry friend’s paws from hot pavements in the summer and rough terrains during any season. 

Your furry friend might need some time to adjust to dog boots, so you should consider letting them wear them for small increments of time indoors first before going on a full-blown walk outside with them. But once your four-legged friend adapts to them, they’ll be thanking you for the added protection. 

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