Do All Dogs Enjoy Being Pet?

Do All Dogs Enjoy Being Pet?

Posted Aug 12, 2019 in Tips

What many pet parents love about their pooches is their individuality, even two dogs from the same litter can have completely different personalities. Is petting good for your dog? Well yes, it can decrease blood pressure and increase oxytocin levels (the attachment or love hormone). But, does that mean every dog loves to be pet… not necessarily. 

Why Don’t Some Dogs Enjoy Being Touched?

Like mentioned before, every dog is unique in their personalities and temperaments – so similarly, not every dog has the same reason for disliking petting. 

Some small pups don’t like being touched because they’re so often picked up without warning. Think about lying in your bed, relaxing – when all of a sudden, a giant swoops you up. If this happened often, you’d soon start to associate every time you’re being petted with being picked up – making you either irritated or fearful of the action. 

Some dogs, especially rescues, may not have been in the best homes before you brought them into your family. Your furry friend could have been abused in the past, which might cause them to think you’re going to strike them every time you try to touch them. But many pups with this fear will start to overcome it if they’re living in a new loving and caring environment. Be patient and let Fido warm up to you. 

And sometimes it can be as simple as your dog doesn’t show love in that way. Your four-legged friend may follow you like a shadow and rest at your feet anytime you sit down – but doesn’t enjoy being touched. Your dog may just have a different sense of what of giving and receiving affection is.

How to Tell if Fido Enjoys Being Pet

The best way to figure out if your furry friend enjoys being pet is to pay attention to their body language. Does your pup put their snout under your hand or paw at you until you pet them? If so, they probably enjoy your touch. If you start to brush or pet your pooch, do they begin to relax their face and body – they also probably love physical affection. Sometimes your four-legged friend may get so hypnotized by your touch they’re eyes will begin to droop and they may even start to lean and fall into you. 

And How to Know When Your Pup Doesn’t 

Just like you should pay attention to body language to figure out if Fido enjoys petting, you should do the same to figure out if they dislike it. 

Your pooch may duck their head or back up when you reach out to pet them. They may even walk out of the room. Some pups may yawn or scratch, and in dog language that means “I love you, but I don’t want to be touched.” When your furry friend meets new people, ensure they start on their level with an open hand. Your dog may like being pet by you but not immediately by strangers – sniffing them out and also watching your body language will help them decided if this stranger can touch their precious coat. 

Some dogs can’t get enough pets. They may even go up to strangers in public and act like they’ve known them for years – nuzzling up against them and begging to be pet and scratched. But on the other side of the spectrum, some dogs would instead you keep your hands to yourself, and that’s okay! It’s important to know which kind of dog yours is though, so you can respect their boundaries and allow them to feel comfortable. 

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