funny things puppies do

Funny Things Puppies Do

Posted Feb 9, 2017 in Puppies

Dogs, especially puppies, can do some weird things. We are always shocked by our dog’s bizarre habits, but they can be even more strange when they are young pups. They do some funny things, which may or may not be for any good reason. Here a few things puppies do that will make you laugh!

Paddling- Out of the Water

With your average, adult dog, when you place them in water, they will start to paddle because they are trying to stay afloat. When you take them out, they stop. However, with a young puppy, this doesn’t happen. Puppies will continue to paddle their arms and legs even when you’ve pulled them out of the water. No one is really sure why they do this. It could be because they think the water will come back or that they are still in the water, but no one can really know.

Eating A LOT

If you’ve ever had a young dog, you’ve noticed that their stomach seems to be a bottomless pit. They can’t stop eating! Puppies can practically eat their weight in food. This strange act actually does have a reason: they’re growing! They need the food to become bigger. Since they are also moving around and getting lots of exercise, they are burning calories fast, which causes them to need even more food. 

Sleeping… A LOT

While it makes sense that puppies would sleep a lot because of how much activity they do, there is something weird about how puppies sleep. They can be jumping around one second and be passed out the next. They fall into deep sleep just moments after being super hyper. Basically puppies need to conserve energy, which they do by sleeping. Since they are so young and don’t quite understand their bodies, they get so tired that they don’t rest until they have to pass out. This leads them to just randomly fall asleep at any moment. 

Biting Everything

A tip that many new puppy owners get is to hide your shoes! Puppies have a love of gnawing on anything they can get their paws on. Whether its your fancy chair or your favorite pair of shoes, your pup will find a way to chew on them. While adult dogs’ chewing can be a real problem, it is very normal for puppies. You should make sure you protect your home by hiding cords and objects on the floor, but you can also use your body language. You can claim an area or object is yours by using your energy and how you stand. Also invest in some chew toys that will occupy them.


Puppies love to explore everything!  They’ll be sniffing a tree one second and ripping apart a drawer the next. That’s just because they are trying to familiarize themselves with everything around them. Everything is new! It can be stressful to keep a watchful eye on your pup at all times, but it will end eventually. 

Puppies are strange, crazy creatures that love to sleep, eat, and explore. Don’t stress about anything weird that your new dog is doing; it’s probably just a phrase! 

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