communicating with your dog through energy

Communicating with Your Dog Through Energy

Posted Mar 10, 2017 in Fun Dog Stuff

As humans, we usually communicate with words. We are intellectual creatures and for many of us, speaking words is easiest. However, dogs are not like this. It can be easy to think our dogs are just like us and we can communicate with them through words. But it much more challenging and complex than this. Dogs may appear to understand what words you are saying and what they mean, but they are really responding the intent of the call. The energy you associate with your words is what makes an impact! 

Body Language and Tone

The intent behind everything you say to your dog is what matters. Telling your dog to sit isn’t what actually gets them to sit. It is the intention associated with the word. If you walk up to your dog with the body language and tone with the intention to tell them to sit, but you say a random word like “tree”, they will still sit.  They aren’t really listening to our words. They care about our energy, which is seen through emotions, tone, and body language.

Communication Between Dogs

Dogs also use energy to communicate with each other. Through body language, they can indicate dominance, aggression, and submission. Submission is shown through lowering their head, dominance is shown by raising their head or ears, and aggression is show by the stiffening of their body.


Energy is how a dog or human presents themselves. It is their personality mixed with their disposition in that moment. Basically, it is intention combined with the emotion in that specific time. Our dogs like when our energy is strong. If you remain calm, but use an assertive tone, your dog will understand and respond positively. When you are negative and weak, your dog will be confused. 

Using Your Energy

There are many ways to implement this understanding of your dog’s energy into your life. If your dog is barking, do not yell with anger. They see this “angry” tone as you also barking, which makes them continue even more. Instead, keep a very calm, but assertive tone. On the opposite spectrum, avoid talking to your dog in the high pitched “baby voice.” To them, this is weak and submissive. 

You should always be working to make sure you are providing a balanced energy for your pup. While we aren’t perfect, we need to make sure we keep our energy in check so our dog’s will behave! 

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