Stop Your Dog from Eating Plants

Stop Your Dog from Eating Plants

Posted Sep 17, 2019 in Tips

It’s perfectly fine for your dog to occasionally chomp on some grass, as soon as they start going for your garden or house plants though, you’ve got a problem on your hands. It’s not only frustrating for you as your beautiful plants are being destroyed – but some plants can make your pooch extremely ill. So, this is not a habit you want to sweep under the rug. Here are some tips on how to stop Fido from destroying your beautiful plants. 

Move Any Houseplants Out of Reach 

A quick and easy solution to get your dog to stop eating your plants is to make sure they’re always out of reach. Consider buying plant stands or highly raised tables. If you have any vine-like house plants, you’ll want to ensure they’re consistently trimmed to keep them out of your furry friend’s reach. The point is if your canine companion can’t see or get to your gorgeous houseplants – they can’t eat them!

Use Training Techniques to End the Behavior 

There are a few different ways you can try to train Fido to leave your plants alone. First, try classic positive and negative reinforcement training. When you notice your pooch approaching one of your plants, firmly shout “no” to get their attention. If your dog starts to back away from the plant, immediately praise them with a kind tone, some treats, or even their favorite toy.

Another technique is to use motion-sensitive repellent. These devices will trigger anytime your pup approaches your plants – most likely frightening them, and reinforcing the idea that they want no part of your plants. The repellent sprayed at your dog is completely safe for both humans and pets, but your dog will still want no part of it.

Another similar way to deter your four-legged friend from messing with your plants is clicker training. Whenever your dog is getting too close to your foliage, you just click the clicker and reward them with a treat when they comply. Clicker training can also be used for a variety of different obedience skills.

Invest in Some Diluted Lemon Juice 

Most canines can’t stand the smell or taste of citrus – that’s where diluted lemon juice comes into play and can be your best friend. Put the juice in a spray bottle and mist your plants. If you don’t want to spray your plants directly, you can also try cutting up lemons and placing them inside the pots as an alternative. If you do decide to use lemon wedges, ensure you change them out regularly, so they don’t rot.

Fence Off Your Garden 

Fencing off your outdoor gardens or covering your indoor ones can also serve as a solution. With smaller dogs, some simple chicken wire may suffice, but if you own larger and stronger dogs, you might be looking at constructing a wooden or metal fence. When it comes to your indoor plants, a light bird netting around the circumference of your plant’s pot should be able to hold up against Fido.

Your dog is a smart animal, and even if you have successfully trained them to stay away from your plants, you never know if they may find a way to once again chomp down on them. Because of this, you should never keep houseplants that are toxic for dogs, that includes – Castor beans, Daffodils, Elephant Ears, Hyacinths, Narcissus, Oleanders, and Rosary Peas. You love your canine companions to ensure always taking the necessary precautions to uphold their health.

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