Tracking Your Dog While Away from Home

Tracking Your Dog While Away from Home

Posted Oct 15, 2019 in Tips

Leaving your house for the day usually means leaving your pooch behind. This can be a hard thing to do for many pet parents for many reasons. Your canine might have separation anxiety, or you may be concerned that your pooch is being mischevious while you’re away. No matter the reason, sometimes we just want to have better surveillance of our pets when we’re away. Here are some different ways to do just that!

Dog Camera Monitors 

Investing in a monitoring device is usually the first thing pet parents think of. It’s such a popular idea that you can find dozens of different brands that make these surveillance cameras specifically for keeping an eye on your pup. Here are a couple of examples:

Nest Security Cam

  • The Nest Security Cam comes with a compatible app you can download onto your phone. After syncing the app to your camera, you’ll be able to receive updates about motion detection. The coolest part, it can tell the difference between different types of movement like your pup rolling over, getting up, it can even distinguish when a person walks into the room. Nest Security Camera also offers a night vision mode, making it useful 24/7.


  • The TENVIS HD IP Camera provides you with a high definition LCD color display that’s sure to give you a clear view. You can even connect the camera to multiple different phones with their app so everyone in the family can check in on Fido. This camera tends to be the best option for owners on a budget who don’t want to sacrifice quality. They even have a 2-year warranty to ensure you get the most out of your TENVIS.

 Feeder & Treat Dispenser Cameras

Treat Dispenser Cameras add a fun interactive aspect to your dog monitoring. You can find some devices that are “smart feeders” and will feed your pooch on schedule or others that allow you to reward Fido with a treat with a simple tap on your phone. To get a better idea, here are some great examples:

Feed and Go 

  • Feed and Go allows you to dispense wet and dry food whenever you decide. It also comes with a built-in webcam to ensure your pooch is happily chowing down on their food. This device comes with six compartments you can use for treats, food, medications, or whatever else Fido may need. You can also designate a different time that each chamber disperses. 

Petzi Treat Cam

  • Petzi Treat Cam allows you to monitor your canine with eyes and ears. You can even talk to them through the device if they’re acting up or just need a bit of comfort when you’re gone. You can also capture quality photos of your pooch acting silly or just being simply adorable. On top of all that, Petzi allows you to reward your furry friend with yummy treats with a simple tap on your smartphone. 

Fitness Monitors 

If you have a senior dog, a pup with diabetes, or are concerned with your canine’s health – a fitness monitor can bring some ease to your life. With one of these monitors, you can check daily stats on your pup’s health and activity levels. Along with that data, you’ll also be provided information on how to keep your pooch healthy for years to come based on their results. 

Doggy GPS Trackers

GPS trackers are great for giving you peace of mind about your pup’s safety. You keep Fido on a leash for walks and train them to stay in the yard, but that doesn’t stop you from worrying about where they’re at when you’re away. When purchasing a GPS collar, all you have to do is connect it with the company’s corresponding app. From there, you can keep an eye on Fido by simply checking your phone.

Being a pet parent comes with a lot of responsibility and can sometimes be overwhelming. With recent technology, though, you can track your pooch in more ways than one to ensure they’re staying happy and healthy even when you’re away.

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