The Best Dog Safe Ice Melts

The Best Dog Safe Ice Melts

Posted Feb 25, 2020 in Dog-Friendly Items

When winter weather strikes with blasts of snow and ice, you and your pup’s safety probably come to mind. Is it too cold to walk my dog? Does Fido need a sweater when we go outside? Should my pup be eating snow? How do I keep my pooch hydrated in the winter? Questions like these and so many others most likely come to mind during frigid temperatures. 

Something a lot of pet parents overlook, though, is the threat that regular deicers and ice melts pose to your pooch. The chemicals found in those products can be extremely toxic for your pup. And it’s extremely common for the residue to end up on Fido’s paws. That will end up being licked off later and digested. To prevent any slipping and sliding this season, while also keeping your canine companion safe, check out some of these dog-safe ice melts. 

Safe Paw Ice Melter

Retail Price: $19.54

Many of the dog-friendly ice melts you’ll find on the market tend to use salt to lower the freezing point of ice. Safe Paw, on the other hand, uses a modified carbonyldiamine (urea). When it comes to canines, urea is the least harmful ingredient you’ll find in commercial brand de-icers. Urea shouldn’t irritate Fido’s feet or nose, or cause any serious complications if ingested.

Also, unlike a lot of other ice melts, Safe Paw uses proprietary traction agents. By adding this in their formula it helps you and your car grip the pavement. Other pet parents have also enjoyed the fact that this product is a blue/green color, making it easier to spot against snow and ice. 

Natural Rapport Pet-Friendly Ice Melt 

Retail Price: $20.99

On the flip side, Natural Rapport is all about using salts. One salt in particular that they use in their formula, calcium magnesium acetate, is one of the safest ice melt products you can use around canines. As a plus, it’s also environmentally friendly.

Natural Rapport also boasts that their formula reduces corrosion rates on concrete, metal, and wood by 75%. It’s also advertised to be safe for your carpets and floors, in case Fido tracks any of it inside

Redmond Ice Slicer

Retail Price: $16.99

Not only is Redmond Ice Slicer designed to be gentle on your pup’s paws, but your walkway and driveway as well. Their product contains no dyes, making the likeliness of a damaged lawn due to the rise of alkalinity extremely less likely.

Redmond Ice Slicer also claims to melt ice 3.5 times quicker than other ice melts that are made of salt.  Other owners also appreciated that this product is stored in a resealable bag. Making storing it a lot easier than the huge round tub other products tend to use. 

You have to remember, though, just because you use pet-safe deicers on your property doesn’t mean the whole neighborhood does. Don’t be afraid to mention to your neighbors the benefits dog-safe ice melts provide. And not only to your pup but any other dog that walks through the neighborhood.

But even by doing that, you also have to be aware that you can’t guarantee everywhere you and Fido walk will have pet-safe deicers. So to double up on protection – consider wiping your dog’s paws at the door, using paw balm, or trying to get your pooch used to doggy booties. 

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