Tips for Helping Your Senior Dog Stay Mentally Sharp

Posted Apr 18, 2023 in Senior Dogs

Don’t underestimate your furry friend; senior dogs are mentally still puppies! Most dogs tend not to notice their aging bodies as frequently as humans since they don’t understand mirrors yet! While our pups continue to squeeze onto our laps, even as they outgrow them, senior canines tend to experience stiff muscles, temperature sensitivity, and diet changes to accommodate their aging systems. It’s essential for pet parents to pay attention to their pet’s aging process to ensure they’re being properly accommodated and taken care of! For more information and tips, keep reading!

More Comfy Spots

Senior pets wear themselves out from following you from the kitchen to the living room; why not add extra comfy stations in your home? If your pooch lays down anywhere as long as you’re near, add a few blankets around your routine spots! Older dogs tend to be less active, using all their energy to find the best nap spot. Sleeping on cold, hard floors adds to stiff muscles and joint pain; likewise, if your pup does have joint issues, check out some orthopedic dog beds designed to take pressure off Fido’s joints! The more relaxed your pup is, the slower the aging process. 

More Walks

Walking is great for mental and physical health, both you and Fido! While senior pups can’t do long distances, they’re more excited to sniff the environment around them! Take a nice, slow stroll for your pup to smell anything and everything while you enjoy some fresh air. Sniff walks are amazing tools for aging pets, as it reminds them of all the nearby smells. Dogs like to explore at their own pace; this activity simulates and exhausts their brain, perfect timing for an afternoon nap! 

Fewer Stairs

Dogs’ knees are the first to give out, like their human counterparts. Following their pet parent up and down the stairs for hours while cleaning is a fine activity for puppies, but older dogs need a break. Pet parents help by instructing your dog to stay downstairs, carrying them up and down the stairs, or using a ramp! Knee replacement surgeries are extremely expensive; save some costs by giving Fido a lift every once in a while! 

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