Why Dogs Wag Their Tails

Why Dogs Wag Their Tails

Posted Oct 29, 2021 in Fun Dog Stuff

Dogs wag their tails to communicate with their owners and even other animals. Although most think a wagging tail means happiness or excitement, there is a lot more that a tail can mean. Although tail-wagging is a means of communication, it can communicate many different feelings and emotions.

Only when a dog’s tail is relaxed, does it mean that your dog is calm. A wagging tail can mean excitement but your dog could also feel threatened, anxious, or nervous.  When any of these emotions are felt, the tail can start wagging or perk up. 

What Does it Mean?

Different speeds positions of wagging can mean different things. If your dog’s tail is low and wagging between its legs, it could mean that they are frightened. On the other hand, if you see a dog with its tail higher, it typically means that they are excited or alert. The faster the tail wag, the more excited your pooch probably is. When you see a dog with its tail straight out from its body, it could mean they are feeling curious or confused. When a dog has a straight stiff tail that means you should be cautious as it might be feeling aggressive

As previously mentioned, tail wagging can also be a means of communication with other dogs. When a dog wants to communicate positive emotions, they typically move their tail to the right and with negative emotions, they wag to the left. 

This is a general outline of a wagging tail; you should still be very aware of dogs and the way they act. You should always keep your distance from a dog, even if it looks excited to see you unless you have permission from the owner.

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