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Yes or No to Paws on the Bed?

Posted Oct 14, 2016 in Tips

We all love our dogs, and sometimes we just can’t resist when they beg to come into bed with us. But is it actually safe or unsafe to sleep with your pet? Up to 79 percent of pet owners allow pets to share beds with them, even after many professionals advise against it. Here’s some information that may help you decide if you want to continue letting your pup sleep with you!

Transmitting Diseases

One of the reasons dogs are recommended to not sleep in your bed is for the benefit of humans. Confirmed transmission of MRSA skin infections and H1N1 influenza from dogs to humans shows that people who share the bed with their pups are more likely to become ill.

Behavioral Issues

Many vets and behaviorists say that sleeping in bed can affect your dog’s behavior. Puppies that have issues with aggression may fully develop these behaviors when allowed to sleep with humans. If you replace a crate with a bed, this could affect house training. You shouldn’t share a bed with your dog until they are fully trained and matured.

Go to the Vet

You should also be sure to bring your dog to the vet regularly if you do decide to let your dog sleep in your bed. Getting vaccinations, as well as preventing tick and fleas, will keep you and your dog safe since ticks and fleas may carry diseases and bacteria that humans can contract.

Overall, it’s your decision if you want to allow your dog in your bed for the night. Just be sure to take the steps necessary to keep you and your dog safe and happy!

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