Creative Gift Ideas for Dogs

Creative Gift Ideas for Dogs

Posted May 28, 2019 in Dog-Friendly Items

We’ve been looking at some fun gifts to consider getting your pup and some of them are just too creative and goofy to pass up. If you want to try out some new doggy inventions people have been creating lately we have some ideas for you!

The Dogbrella 

Many owners know the frustration of trying to put a rain jacket on a pup that absolutely despises any type of clothing. You don’t want your dog to be uncomfortable, but you also don’t need a wet canine running through your house and possibly getting sick. A solution, the Dogbrella, an umbrella for your pooch! You attach the pet umbrella to your furry friend’s leash and off on your walk you go. Keeping your pup dry without the hassle of dressing them in a rain jacket. 

A Doggie Fence Window 

Your four-legged friend can be a curious creature. And if you have a fence, you’ve probably caught them at some time or another trying to see what’s on the other side. Maybe even digging underneath it to try and tunnel their way to the other side. With a Doggie Fence Window, your pup will have their very own canine sized view to what is happening on the other side of that fence!

Pawcet Dog Water Fountain 

Need an outdoor pet faucet so your pooch can get some fresh water whenever they need it? Try the Pawset water fountain made for dogs! Hookup the device to an outdoor water supply to install it. Now your furry friend can access refreshing water at the touch of a paw. Literally, all they have to do is push down on a pedal, and cold water will flow out to refresh their thirst,


Many pups can get separation anxiety when their owners leave. Also when you’re at work or vacation, sometimes you just want to check in on your beloved canine to make sure they’re doing alright. With PetChatz, you can monitor and connect with your playful pooch whenever you want! You can also purchase PetChatz that disperse treats, play game, or proved doggie tv entertainment.

None of these items are particular necessities, but they are fun creations that might make your pup happy. They might even make you and Fido’s lives a bit easier. 

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