The Most Popular Breeds Found in Shelters

The Most Popular Breeds Found in Shelters

Posted Jun 17, 2019 in Guides

For various reasons, many dogs may find themselves in shelters at one point in their life. Adopting a dog gives them a chance at a better, healthier, and happier life in s loving and caring home. But which dogs seem to find themselves in shelters the most? Here are a few. 

American Pit Bull Terriers 

Due to the overwhelming assumptions and discrimination against American Pit Bull Terriers, they are by far the most popular dog breed found in shelters. Due to a misrepresentation by the media, many people assume these canine companions are aggressive by nature, which is not true.

American Pit Bull Terriers, like any other pup, can be loving and gentle creatures. Due to their muscular build though, many cruel people have used them for inhumane dog fights, yet even dogs who have endured that much brutality can turn out to be the biggest babies. Hopefully, these wrong assumptions will change, and more people will judge a dog by their personality – not their breed.  

Are you interested in adding one of these four-legged friends to your family? Visit Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue for more information on how you can help!


Once upon a time, Chihuahuas were all the rage. During the 90s and 2000s, these little pups were in dozens of famous movies and owned by many famous socialities. The problem is not many people took into consideration how much work these little guys could be, and saw them as more of a hot new accessory.

Chihuahuas are kind, smart, and love dogs but can sometimes have an attitude problem. Once people realized these furry friends needed actually to be cared for and required time and commitment, they were quickly (and sadly) dropped off at shelters. It got so bad that at one point, Los Angeles shelters were asking other shelters across the country to lighten their load and take in some of the Chihuahuas they were receiving. 

Even though these pups can sometimes be sassy, they’re loyal and loving to their owners and by far worth the time and effort to love and care for them. Check out Pennsylvania Chihuahua Rescue to learn more!

Labrador Retrievers 

Being the most popular dog breed in America, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Labrador Retrievers are also a pretty popular breed in shelters. They’re usually known as being an excellent dog for families and children due to their extreme friendliness and loyalty. 

Labrador Retrievers can also though be expensive to feed and care for when health concerns arise — interested in giving one of these four-legged friends a home? Visit GRAPE for more information!

German Shepards 

German Shepards hold a high favor among the US armed forces as well as law enforcement departments all across the country. One of the reasons for this is the extreme loyalty and protective nature German Shepards have. Without the right training though, that strong loyalty can get out of control with your dog thinking they’re the alpha of the house instead of you, and outbursts of misplaced aggression. 

But just like any other dog German Shepards need training, and with that training will come a well-behaved canine companion. Give one of these loyal and loving pups a home, visit German Shepard Rescue of Southeastern Pennsylvania for information!


Also known as a “wiener dog,” Dachshunds are highly popular small dogs due to their sweet nature. Their long spines though that give them their “hotdog” appearance put them at serious risk for a multitude of injuries and health risks. These pups also can quickly become obese if not dieted carefully. Many people don’t want to put in the extra care, and attention Dachshunds need, which is most likely why they end up in shelters.

But if you don’t mind giving these loving canines the happy home they need, visit Dachshund Rescue to help!

Adopting a dog is an excellent opportunity to give back. And allow a much-deserved pup the loving home they need and may have never had. There are plenty of other shelters to check out, here are a few:

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