The Best Cooling Mats for Dogs

Posted Jul 18, 2022 in Dog-Friendly Items

During the hottest month of the year, pet owners want their fur babies to be cool too! Cooling mats are stored in the fridge and are made of cooling gel beads that will keep Fido cool for hours. These mats help regulate your pet’s body temperature and provide a cold spot to hang out on! Owners can use these alone or as crate liners; all are made with plastic lining so pet parents can wipe off any dirt. These are our top picks for pet cooling mats on the market right now!

Green Pet Shop’s most highly-reviewed cooling pad is the Green Pet Shop Cool Pet Pad! Available in X-Small to X-Large, these pressure-activated mats begin cooling once your pup steps on them and are the easiest to use and store. They retail between $25 to $85 depending on size; they are reusable as many times as needed as it is wipeable or machine-washable.

Arf Pets

Another great option for the hot climate is the Arf Pets Self-Cooling Solid Gel Dog Mat! This high-quality, self-charging cooling mat will keep your furry friend cool for up to three hours; the mat itself will recharge in just 15 minutes of non-use. The mat requires no water, batteries, or electricity; it’s perfect for adventures with Fido! These are available for between $50 to $73 in three sizes; 23 x 25”, 27 x 43”, or 35 x 55”. 

Pet Fit For Life

For our pets that like to travel, the Pet Fit For Life Colling & Heating Pad is the best choice as it can heat or cool! The mat has a comfy fleece cover to keep Fido cozy, which is machine-washable. This pad can charge in either the fridge or the microwave, dual-purpose for winter and summer. 

K&H Pet Products

The K&H Pet Products Cool Bed III Dog Pad varies from the other options because you just add water! If you’re worried your pet will shred their gel-based mats, this cooling bed is much more affordable and activated by water. These mats come in three sizes; small, medium, and large, varying from $32 to $65. 


Our most affordable option is the TechNiche International Evaporative Cooling Dog Pad for between $23 to $40, depending on size! Like the others, this cooling pad will keep your pet cool for up to 10 hours. Using their HyperKewl technology to keep Fido cool and comfortable. You just have to soak the pad in water for two minutes, and you’re set for a day of adventures!

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