The Best Senior Dog Food of 2020

The Best Senior Dog Food of 2020

Posted Nov 3, 2020 in Senior Dogs

As our furry friends reach their senior years, their diet will likely need a change. This is especially since as dogs get older, they tend to gain weight much easier. So, when you buy senior dog food, you’re usually buying formulas made with lower calories and a higher amount of fiber, which helps them feel fuller longer and aids their digestive health. If your canine companion needs to switch to senior dog food soon, here are some of the best dog foods to consider. 

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Senior Dog Food

Blue Buffalo’s Senior Formula contains a sufficient blend of proteins and carbohydrates that help give your older pup the energy they need to stay active and fit. In this formula, you’ll also discover added glucosamine and chondroitin. These help support their joint function and improving their mobility. The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is also made with chicken as its first ingredient. So, your furry friend will be receiving the protein they need to maintain a healthy amount of muscle mass. Within the kibble, you’ll also find “LifeSource Bits” that are a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants all packed into moist, tasty pieces for Fido. Their whole grain formula is also beneficial for your senior dog’s heart health. So, they’ll be receiving plenty of benefits by eating Blue Buffalo’s Life Protection Formula. 

Wag Chicken Pate Wet Dog Food 

For canines that prefer wet food, Wag Chicken Pate Wet Dog Food might be the choice for them. Wet food can be especially helpful for senior dogs who may have dental issues that make eating kibble or any hard food a challenge. Once again, chicken is indicated as the first ingredient in this food, plus it also contains nutrient-rich liver. However, what it doesn’t contain are any grains or starch fillers or artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. They also make additional recipes like beef and chicken pate and turkey and chicken pate. 

Nature’s Recipe Senior Dog Food 

If you’re looking for senior dog food but want to start on a budget just in case your pooch doesn’t like what you first buy, consider starting with Nature’s Recipe Senior Dog Food. The ingredients included are specifically added to improve your canine’s overall health and wellness. The first ingredient in this dog food is protein-rich lamb meat. This will help maintain your furry friend’s muscle mass, helping to keep them in shape. Also included in the meal are omega-3 fatty acids that support Fido’s joint health, increasing their mobility. Plus, to help with your senior dog’s digestive system, they added beet pulp to include some extra fiber. 

Sojos Freeze-Dried Raw Senior Dog Food 

Some pet parents prefer to feed their canine’s a raw-based diet. If that’s you, then you can easily transition that into a senior meal through Sojos Freeze-Dried Raw Senior Dog Food. Each bag holds a blend of free-dried raw eat and air-dried raw fruit and vegetables. All you have to do is add water to rehydrate the meal, and then your four-legged friend is free to enjoy their meal. The formula is specifically meant for senior dogs, so it contains glucosamine and chondroitin to improve their joint health. Additionally, the omega fatty acids included help improve your pooch’s joints and promote their skin and coat health. 

Senior dogs require a special diet, just like puppies do. Their bodies are changing and need more support than an adult dog would. So, help your canine companion out and switch them over to senior dog food when they get to that age. Their body will thank you for it. 

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