Yearly Costs in 2020

Yearly Cost of Owning a Dog in 2020

Posted Dec 4, 2020 in Guides

When adopting a canine companion, you’re most likely not considering every single cost and fee that will come with them. Because when you’re ready to add a new furry family member to your home, money isn’t usually the thing on your mind. However, dogs are a lot of responsibility, including a financial one. So, to be sure you have the budget to give your new pup the life they deserve, here are some costs to keep in mind. 

Initial Expenses 

The initial cost of adopting a pooch can range anywhere from $610 to $2,350, including everything from the adoption fees to treats, toys, and more. That range goes even higher if you’re thinking about adopting a purebred from a breeder. Adoption fees can be as low as $50 and as high as $500, but once again, that number can easily rise into the $1,000’s if you’re thinking about adopting from a breeder. 

However, no matter where you adopt your furry friend from, if they haven’t been spayed or neutered, then that surgery will cost you anywhere from $35 to $400. If you adopt your pup, you can expect that cost to already be in the adoption fee. You also can’t forget about vaccinations, especially if you’re thinking of adopting a puppy, which usually comes out to be around $100. There’s also getting a dog license, which typically costs $10, and microchipping, which is not required but strongly recommended and typically costs around $45. 

Personal Pup Items

Once you’ve covered all the formalities, it’s time to get all of the items that will help make your pooch feel more at home as well as show a bit of their personality. This can include their

  • Collar or harness: $5 to $50
  • Leash: $10 to $40
  • Doggy bags: $5 to $10 
  • Food & water bowls: $10 to $50 
  • Crate: $30 to $150 
  • Dog bed: $5 to $200
  • Toys & treats: $5 to $200

Medical Bills

You definitely want to be prepared for any possible medical expenses your furry companion might need quickly. It’s recommended you have at least $250 saved for this. If you ever have to make a trip to the emergency vet, which we hope you never do, it’s important to keep in mind this can cost anywhere from $800 to $1,500. Additional annual medical expenses to consider:

  • Routine vet visits: $210
  • Annual flea & tick prevention: $40 to $200
  • Annual heartworm prevention: $25 to $130

The Cost of Living with Fido

It typically costs $650 to $2,295 to keep up with your canine on an annual basis properly. This starts with keeping your home and your pooch smelling acceptable with dog shampoo and brushes that go from $5 to $20, stain and odor removers ranging from $5 to $20, as well as possible puppy training pads that can cost between $10 and $50. There are also annual living expenses you can’t forget about, such as:

  • Annual cost of food: $200 to $1,000 (if you’re thinking about fresh food or home delivery, this can easily reach up to $4,800).
  • Annual cost of dental chews and care: $60 to $180.
  • Pet deposit: $200 to $500.

When you look at the numbers, it can be jarring how much a canine companion costs. But it’s important to remember that’s over a span of a year. Although it’s not fun to talk about, dogs can cost a lot of money, and before inviting one into your home, you should be sure that it’s a financial responsibility you can handle. 

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