2021 Best Dog Blow Dryers

2021 Best Dog Blow Dryers

Posted Oct 26, 2021 in Dog-Friendly Items

No matter the breed, your dog needs regular bathing. For some dogs, though, the task of a bath can be unwanted or even disastrous. Drying a dog can be an undesirable job for both the dog and the human. Dogs often shake water everywhere or track it around the house after a bath. Water can be bad for things like floors and furniture and can also be bad for the dog. Dog’s hair can get matted or they could get fungus in tight spots. Having a dog hair dryer can eliminate these problems and make your life much easier.

Things to Consider

Size of Dog – Whether your dog is larger or smaller, you should find a dryer that fits the size of your dog.
Dryer Head – Considering the hair of your dog can lead you to different nozzle heads that are best suited for them.
Length – Depending on where you are cleaning your dog, the length of the hose should differ based on your situation.

Best Hair Dryers

Shelandy Stepless Pet Dryer – This affordable blow dryer quickly dries your dog’s fur with its powerful motor. It is lightweight, quiet, and has multiple heads to best fit the size of your dog.
Air Force Commander Two-Speed Dryer – Great for large dogs with thick coats, the strong motor can quickly dry all that hair. The hairdryer has two speeds for different-sized dogs, as well.
Flying Pig High Velocity Pet Dryer – This dryer is not the lightest at 11 pounds, but the hose is 10 feet which makes it extremely convenient. It also has temperature control and variation with a control pad on the dryer.
Bonnlo Stepless Pet Dryer – This dryer has a controllable speed and temperature panel for different levels of airstream. It also has a low level of noise that comes from the dryer.
Go Pet Grooming Hair Dryer For Dogs – Fairly priced, this dryer can also adjust to different temperatures and speeds. It is quite durable with a puncture-resistant hose.

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